Complete Air Superiority – Hurricane Wind Power

Hurricane Wind Power – Complete Air Superiority Permanent Magnet Alternators White Lightning Wind Turbines are assembled in America in the shops of Hurricane Wind Power.

These generators are incorporated into some of the most aesthetically pleasing as well as advanced wind turbines on the market today. Available in 750 and 1 KW models. The turbines and permanent magnet alternators will be available in low wind 12 volt, 24, 48, and 110 volt models. The while lightning turbine feature a furling tail full yaw bearing….no more metal on metal garbage. You the customer have demanded more and I believe we have delivered.

Hurricane Wind Power is located in the star city of the south Roanoke Virginia. Hurricane Wind Power was established in 2009 to with the mission of doing one thing: building the best wind turbine in the world right here in the United States. Established for the do it your seller to make the goal of renewable energy and sustainability attainable for the average person. We build the best generators on the market with new and evolving technologies.