Hurricane Wind Power partners with SkyMax, Hye Energy


PRLog (Press Release) – Aug. 11, 2013 – ROANOKE, Va. — Hurricane Wind Power announced today August 11, 2013, it’s partnership with SkyMAX ™ North America. Anthony Jones stated that the partnership with Sky Max Hye Energy will stabilize the small wind turbine market by providing turbines in the small wind turbine class that have reliable output advertising. According to Jones the HYE turbines from Skymax North America are certified by 3rd party engineering firms which guarantee the buyer they are receiving what they have paid for.

Jones went on to say that the move was necessary to open up the market to home owners, commercial and or small business. The turbines have their CE, RoHS, ETL, ISO9001:2008, ISO14001 certifications. The HYE wind turbine have had a long service life and have a world renown reputation for honest output reporting and service life featuring top of the line components such as SKF bearings. This has allowed to warranty all purchases for a full 3 years on some products and up to 5 years on others, The certifications of the wind turbine and reputable business of HYE Energy open up the small wind market to many who are seeking small wind power products that have available tax credits through local state and federal Governments in the United states and other government agencies world wide.

The wind turbines will be offered in power output rated in a range from 400 watts to 3 KW. the wind turbines will be offered in configurations that allow end users versatility ranging from simple battery charging to direct on grid connections. Power inverter grid tie systems will be made available to simplify the process for the consumer to bring the power of the wind to their homes, The new products will be available at


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