Hurricane Wind Power

It is the pleasure of Hurricane Wind Power to announce our new line of wind turbine that include vertical and horizontal products that are from 1 to 10 KW. We are now accepting applications for dealers and installers. The new line will be available in early 2013. Hurricane will continue and expand their services to do it yourself er and inventors with custom Permanent magnet alternator building services as well as implementing commercial installation capacity and the design and facilitation of very large on grid systems. We thank the customers of the past and look forward to even more positive growth in 2013.



Hurricane Wind Power is in  in the process  reviewing customer feedback pending of releasing our new lines of Turbines . Hawts Vawts of many types and manufacturers.  We are interesting in hearing your feedback about what factors you are interested in as buyers of small wind turbines. What is important to you??? Where it is made? Power output? Characteristics of form versus function…. a piece of art with lower performance or something ugly that performs better? Noise?  Obviously your installation will determine some of these issues but if have a moment drop us a response and let us know what you are thinking?