Hurricane Wind Power Reviews Neo Core Cat 5

The Hurricane Wind Power Neo Core Cat 5 Twin Output PMA is simply one of the best build products on the market in the small wind power generator market. No expense is spared and attention to detail is the cornerstone of the manufacturing processes. Hurricane Wind Power reviews its line of products constantly and makes updates and changes when it deems necessary. The all new second generation Cat 5  is manufactured in house by Hurricane and boasts several upgrades including powder coating, Zinc coated shaft, Trapezoidal shaped steel forged pole pieces. The now new shaft has a hardened steel race pressed on to endure years of service even in installations with high lateral loading. The new stators are wound tighter with 400 degree wire. In essence the new Cat 5 will output about 3 times the charging power of our older units. Don’t take this review as proof come see our you tube video that will soon be posed and the new specs on out site….