Wind Power Energy – How Wind Turbines Work

Many people in the world do not understand how wind energy works and assume that it all begins with the wind but this is never the case. The process begins from the sun. When the heat from the sun mixes with air, the air heats up and becomes lighter than the air that has not been heated. This makes the hotter air rise while the cooler air occupies the space, which the hot air once occupied. When the hot air rises up, it exerts more pressure hence making the particles to move faster. Because of its fast motion, it takes a few particles to occupy the area, which had a lot of particles. This forces some air to be discharged as wind. This hot wind is what carries all the heat and it contains all the wind power energy that is required to propel wind turbines.

The wind turbines work the same way as the hydroelectric turbines function. The only difference is that they only exist in different state of matter. Air is said to be liquid only that the molecules are far apart and so when it begins to move fast in form of wind the molecules tend to move faster and closer together forming some kind of motion. This motion is the one that is captured to be able to produce the wind power energy. The question normally is how wind energy works and is it true that there is renewable wind energy.

The wind energy process usually begins from the wind turbines. These turbines have blades, which are made in a way that they can trap energy from the wind. The type of energy that these blades trap from the wind is the kinetic energy. This type of energy is produced when the molecules move faster and faster. When the blades capture this energy, the blades tend to spin in a circular motion. These blades are connected to the shaft, which goes directly to the generator. When this happens, it converts the kinetic energy into mechanical energy.

Since wind is much cheaper, most people prefer to renew it. This renewable wind energy undergoes the same process but the only difference is that in order for it to be renewed, a room is left open and heated until the air rises and the wind is formed. It does not matter how many times the renewable wind energy process is done since the wind will just become warm for a while and after sometime it will go back to the state that it was. This process does not have any effect on the environment.

Once the wind turbines produce the energy, they are directed to the generator that stores the energy. This is because the turbines cannot be able to store any energy for a long period of time. Generally, that is how wind energy works. It is a very simple and cheap process to be able to produce wind power energy.


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