Releases Cyclone Vawt

In recent years the residential wind turbine market in the United States has become highly competitive. The Vertical Axis Wind Turbine remeains somewhat underdeveloped despite consumer interest., releases Cyclone (TM) VAWT


PRLog (Press Release)Oct 06, 2011 – releases Cyclone (TM) VAWT in response to the consumer demand for the Vertical style wind turbine which has proven to be very popular with certain segments of the population. Market research has indicated that a gap exists between consumer interest in Vertically oriented wind generators and the market availability. Many segments of the population are intrigued by wind power , however are unable to utilize a tradition wind turbine due to housing restrictions, city ordinances or just a matter of persoanl taste. Many customers express interest in the Vertical design despite the fact that according to most the designs of this type are not as efficient.

The lack of availability of a product of this type has led Hurricane Wind Power Wind Turbine Technologies LLC to research, development  and manufacture their Cyclone (TM) line of VAWT wind turbines. According to Jones in a study conducted by Hurricane customers communicate a bi fold frustration of the lack of availability of Vawts in that  models currently available on the market are grossly overpriced in their estimation. Secondly most of the market is saturated with poorly made imported products that will in the consumers opinion will  not last long enough to provide a return on the customers expenditure. The Cyclone (TM) Vawt will represent one of the only affordable options made in the United States.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine designs are very popular with experimental designs by the DIY community, however many who have a interest do not have the “know how” to fabricate design and put a project like this in actions. The new Cyclone VAWTS as Well as the full line of Hurricane (TM) Wind Generators can be seen at . They can also be seen in action at the Hurricane Vision You Tube Channel Located at . Please join us in our quest to bring American Made Wind Power to the world join us on Facebook at … like us to get the latest updates on our rapidly changing line of clean power products.

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